HTML Quick Reference Guide

Although there are numerous HTML tags, you'll find yourself using only a very small subset of those tags over and over again. This guide will allow you to quickly look up the syntax of these frequently used tags. For more in-depth information on tags and their attributes, consult a more extensive HTML guide.

<HTML>.....< /HTML>
These tags should surround your entire HTML document

<HEAD>.....< /HEAD>
This tag surrounds the header of your HTML document, where the TITLE tag goes.

<TITLE>.....< /TITLE>
This tag surrounds the title of your HTML document, which usually appears in the title bar of the Web browser.

<BODY BACKGROUND="image URL" BGCOLOR="color" TEXT="color" LINK="color" VLINK="color" ALINK="color">.....</BODY>
This tag surrounds your entire HTML document except for that in the HEAD. BACKGROUND specifies a background image. BGCOLOR defines the background color. TEXT is the default text color. LINK is the color of non-visited links, while VLINK is the color of visited links and ALINK denotes the color of activated links.

<Hn>...< /Hn>
Heading. n is a number from 1 to 6, with 1 being the largest and 6 the smallest.

<B>...< /B>
Makes the surrounded text bold.

<I>...< /I>
Makes the surrounded text italicized.

Centers the surrounded elements (text, images, etc.)

<FONT SIZE="size" COLOR="color" FACE="face">...< /FONT>
Changes the properties of the surrounded text. Size can be between 1 and 7 (1 is the smallest, 3 is default) or a relative size, such as +2 or -3. Color is the color of the text. Face is the face (font), such as Times New Roman or Arial.

<PRE>.....< /PRE>
Shows the text in a fixed font and also preserves any spaces in the original text.

Creates a line break.

Denotes the beginning of a paragraph.

<HR SIZE="size" WIDTH="width" ALIGN="alignment" NOSHADE>
inserts a horizontal line. Size is the thickness of the line in pixels. Width is the width of the line in pixels or the percentage of the screen, e.g. 50%. Align is the alignment of the line (RIGHT, LEFT, or CENTER). NOSHADE means that the line is drawn solid instead of the default shading.

<A HREF="URL" NAME="Name">...< /A>
The HREF attribute makes the enclosed text a link to the given URL. NAME makes the enclosed text an anchor; you can jump to that anchor from somewhere else by specifying a URL of #Name (in this example).

<UL>...< /UL>
An unordered list. List items, which are preceded by <LI>, appear with bullets next to them.

<IMG SRC="Image URL" BORDER="border" ALIGN="alignment">
Inserts an inline image. SRC refers to the URL where the image is located. BORDER is the border drawn around the image. ALIGN is the alignment of the image, usually LEFT, RIGHT, or MIDDLE.