Logging In and Getting Started

To Log In:

Common Causes of Mistyped Passwords:

To Change Your Password:

The password you were given to log in with is probably hard to remember and hard to type, so you'll want to change it right away. To do this:

Valid Passwords:

Common Errors When Changing Your Password:

Windows and Window Operations

When you log in there will be a number of windows on your screen. The two windows on the right-hand side of the screen are shells, where you can type UNIX commands. The window on the left side of the screen is running emacs, a text editor. You can use your mouse to move the windows: You will learn how to change what window operations each mouse button does later in the course.

The Root Window

Your desk top is also a window, called the root window. Different buttons of the mouse will bring up different menus when you click on the root window. You will also learn later in the course how to change these menus. Your left mouse button will bring up a menu of different applications, including a new shell. Your middle mouse button contains window operations that provide another way to move windows around without title bars. Your right mouse button contains some special options, two of which are detailed below.
If you ever want to leave your computer for a few minutes, this command allows you to lock your computer and keep your files secure. To run this, right mouse click on the root window and select Xlock. To unlock, type your password (which will not be echoed).

To end your session, first make sure all of your files have been saved. Then right mouse click and select Logout.