Web Activity

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the answers to all the questions below, using only the World Wide Web. You may find the Brown University home page and this list of popular search engines to be of use. Please create a file in emacs called MissionLog.txt and write down the URL of where you found the answer to each question. Good luck....

  1. Which room did CS22 meet in during the Spring 1998 semester?

  2. When and where was the CS22 exam held that semester?

  3. What are the requirements for EN159: Intro to Semiconductors and Semiconductor Electronics?

  4. Which RISD glass course(s) are approved for Brown cross-registration?

  5. In the Brown Daily Herald, Brett Heath-Wlaz speculated that the CIT's false bomb threat on March 6th, 1998, was phoned in by whom?

  6. What cartoon character(s) currently appear on the CS15 home page?

  7. What organization did Andy van Dam co-found in 1967?
  8. If you're purchasing a new PC for use at Brown, what processor does CIS (Computing & Information Services) recommend getting? What if you're purchasing a new Macintosh?

  9. What was dessert at the Ratty (Sharpe Refectory) and the V-Dub (Verney Woolley) for dinner on February 23, 1998?

  10. When does Jerry Springer come on in Providence? On which channel(s)?

  11. Which commercial airlines fly out of Providence's T.F. Green Airport?

  12. What is the full name of the mayor of Providence? On what date did he give his 1998 State of the City address? And according to that address, what is the median price of single-family homes in Providence?

  13. You and your friends want to take a day trip to Newport one Saturday. At what times can you catch a Newport-bound RIPTA bus from Kennedy Plaza in Providence?

  14. In what year did WJAR TV (now Providence's NBC affiliate) first go on the air, becoming Rhode Island's first television station?

  15. You and some friends want to catch a matinee of The Truman Show. Which area theaters have showings of that movie before 5:00 PM? (Hint: You're currently in zip code 02912.)

  16. How do you get from the CIT to the Providence Amtrak station? (Hint: The street address of the CIT is 115 Waterman St. The train station is located somewhere on Gaspee St. -- you'll need to find the exact street address yourself.)