Unix Activity

This is a short activity to help you get comfortable with some of the basic Unix commands, especially manipulating files and directories. It shouldn't take too long to complete this activity. You may want to quickly read through the entire UNIX guide before you begin. Have fun!

Make sure you are in your home directory. If you are not type 'cd'. This will automatically return you to your home directory.

  1. Open up a new shell using a xterm command and run it in the background.
  2. List out all the items in your home directory (including .files).
  3. Create a new file in your directory called '.plan'. The information in your .plan is listed when someone fingers you. To see some examples of .plans so you can create your own, finger ck, ljc and some other people in the department. Create a .plan using emacs and then finger yourself to test it.
  4. Create a new alias which abbreviates the "zwrite ljc" command to "zlc".
  5. Create a new file in your directory that contains phone numbers of important people, and name this 'sortednumbers'. Use the sort command to sort this list by your friends' names.
  6. Check the permissions of the sortednumbers file. Change the permissions so that anyone can read or write to it.
  7. Use a printer command to print out the sortednums file to the cis printer.
  8. Create a new directory in your home directory and call it "Bridge".
  9. Change directories into the "Bridge" directory and create a new directory in that directory called "www" that is a symbolic link to "/pro/web/web/courses/bridge/1998/<your account>/".
  10. Check to see which are your top processes.
  11. Kill your zwgc process (which allows you to send zwrites to other users) and restart it.
  12. Remotely log on to the computer next to you.
  13. Run xcolorsel on the computer you are remotely logged on to (it should appear on your screen if you set the x server and the display correctly).
  14. List out the people in group cs015ta.
  15. Locate where people in group cs015ta are logged in.
  16. From a shell, read the newsgroup brown.cs.general.
  17. Change your password (change it back if you don't like your new password).
  18. Try out some of the communication commands with another student.