Mac OS X Instruction

Mapping a Printer on the Authenticated Print Server

For the advance Mac users, here is the basic the printer connection info you need:

Protocol: IPP
Queue: /printers/<queue name> (where <queue name> is the queue on the print server i.e.bw5)

Detailed Instructions

1. Log on to OS X Maverick with an account with admin/root privilege.

2. Click on the "Apple" icon on the upper left corner of the screen.

3. Select the " System Preferences" from the menu list.

4. Click on the "Printers and Scanners" icon.

5. On the "Printers and Scanners" dialog box, click on the plus sign near the bottom left hand corner of the dialog box to add a printer.

6. On the "Add" dialog box, click on the "IP" icon.

7. In the "Address:" section, enter the "" without the quotes.

8. In the "Protocol:" section, set it to "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP".

9. In the "Queue:" section, enter "/printers/<queue name>" where <queue name> is the print queue on the print server i.e. bw5. 

10. In the "Name:" section, enter a name for the printer connection

11. In the "Use:" section, choose "Select Software" to pick the correct printer driver for the printer connection.  See the printers page for the exact printer model.  Pick the driver closest to the printer model.

12. After choosing the correct printer driver in the "Use:" section, click on the Add button to continue the printer connection wizard.  The system will warn you that it is "Unable to verify the printer on your network". This happens because you're not connecting directly to the printer but though a print server.

13.  Ignore the warning message stating something similar to "Unable to verify the printer on your network" and click on the "continue" button.

14.  The system will prompt you to set up the printer default setting.  Leave all the setting at their current setting except if the printer has a duplex unit, check off the "Duplex Unit".  Click on the "OK" button to finish adding the printer.

Once you completed the printer mapping, you must use your LDAP credentials to print.  Every time you print using the printer on the authenticated printer server, the system will prompt you for a username and password, this is where you enter your LDAP credentials.

The first time you try to print to any newly added printer on the system, the system will not prompt for your credentials.  Instead, it will try to use your local logon credentials.  This will cause an authentication failure and a printer icon will drop into the docking menu at the bottom. Click on the bouncing printer icon.  This will bring up the printer dialogue box with a X button next to a half-circled arrow button.  Click on the half-circled arrow button and it will prompt you for credentials to connect to the print server.  Use your LDAP credentials here.