Mac OS X Instruction

Mapping a Printer from the CS Print Server

For the advance Mac users, here is the basic the printer connection info you need:

Protocol: IPP
Queue: /printers/<queue name> (where <queue name> is the queue on the print server i.e. bw4)
Name: <printer name> i.e. BW4

Detailed Instructions

1. Log on to Mac OS with an account with admin/root privilege (try current login if unsure).

2. Click on the "Apple" icon on the upper left corner of the screen.

3. Select the " System Preferences" from the menu list.

4. Click on the "Printers and Scanners" icon.

5. If you have old CS printers mapped  that are no longer working click the minus symbol to remove them before proceeding. On the "Printers and Scanners" dialog box, click on the plus sign near the bottom left hand corner of the dialog box to add a printer.

6. On the "Add" dialog box, click on the "IP" icon.

7. In the "Address:" section, enter the "" without the quotes.

8. The "Protocol:" section should be set to "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP".

9. In the "Queue:" section, enter "/printers/<queue name>" where <queue name> is the print queue on the print server i.e. /printers/bw4 for the bw4 printer. 

10. In the "Name:" section, enter a name for the printer connection i.e. BW4 for the bw4 printer.

11. In the "Use:" section, choose "Select Software" to pick the correct printer driver for the printer connection.  See the printers page for the exact printer model.  Pick the driver closest to the printer model i.e HP LaserJet P4010 for BW4 or BW5.

12. After choosing the correct printer driver in the "Use:" section, click on the Add button to continue the printer connection wizard. The printer setup will ask you for some settings, “duplex unit” or “duplexing” should be checked off so that you can send duplex jobs to the printers. All of CS printers have duplexing units. The other default options are sufficient. Click on the "OK" button to finish adding the printer.


Notes: If you get a warning message stating something similar to "Unable to verify the printer on your network" click on the "continue" button to proceed.

Printing via Wi-Fi should be done over vpn. For instructions on setting up vpn on mac please see our vpn setup page.