The CS department has a Network Appliance FAS940, an Ultra Enterprise 4000 and several other servers locked in the machine room on the fifth floor. See also the description of some of the software that runs on these machines.


Maytag is the departmental file server. It is an FAS940 from Network Appliance. As of September 2004, Maytag serves up about 3.3 terabytes (TB) of filesystems.


Redundant Assortment of Thrifty Servers (RATS) is the tstaff's approach to low-cost reliable backroom services. Rats are inexpensive PCs running services such as DNS and mail - services we once ran on a single, big-iron server machine. Approximately 32 Rats machines are configured in pairs, so that when hardware fails or when a machine needs our attention, the services running on it fail-over to it's partner. In this way, we intend to improve our uptimes, ease maintenance, and lower the overall costs to the department.


In is the department's telnet server. It provides a gateway for remote logins using a secure one-time password system. For more information, see S/Key.


Amana is another NetApp filer, a FAS960, which serves about 1.6 TB of data to one of our research labs, dubbed the Internet Lab.


The principal resource for compute-intensive processes is a large cluster of linux nodes. More about the cluster.

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