File System Outage and Relocation

On May 23rd, 2016 Tstaff will be shutting multiple services, including the GPFS file system, to migrate our remaining physical servers out of room 531 and into their new home.  Beginning at 6am on Monday, May 23rd, we will begin shutting down affected services as necessary. 

This will not be a quick blip like we are use to, systems will be down for most of the day. So, to help you quickly find which services will and will not be available on that day, we have compiled the following quick-reference tables. However, if there is a Tstaff managed service not listed that you are concerned about possibly not having access to for an extended period of time, please email, asap.

Department Connectivity

SSH Internet (WWW)
FTP Wifi
Windows Remote Desktop Cluster VPN
Portable Sunlab Gmail/Skype/Zoom/Hangouts/Webex

Tstaff Managed Services

File System Email Aliases/Forwarding
Printing Sympa (email list servers) Room A/V (368 Recording, etc)
Managed Desktops Owncloud
User Managed Virtual Machines CS Websites (Django and Static)
The Grid Databases
GIT Repositories