Identities, Quotas, and Limited Shell


What are my groups? How much space am I allowed?

The usage command once gave you a list of your groups and how much space (in kilobytes) is granted by each one. With the switch to GPFS, all undergraduate students receive 500mb of storage regardless of their courseload; usage no longer functions.

I'm taking a class, but i'm not getting any space for it.

Classes no longer grant space; all students receive a static 500mb of space for all their coursework, which should be enough for any combination of classes.

What is a concentrator identity? How do I get one?

To get a concentrator identity, you have to file your concentration.

I filed my concentration a few weeks ago but I still don't have a concentrator identity.


How much space am I using?

The best utility for this is ncdu. This will give you a nice ncurses-based UI that shows you how much space each file/folder in your directory occupies. Press 'd' to delete a file/folder and 'Esc' to quit.

From your home directory, you can type du. This tells you how much space (in kilobytes) are taken up by files in your home directory. duall sorts the output in ascending order and is an easier way to find stuff that's taking up a lot of space.

What is fsh4?

fsh4, the fascist shell, is the shell used by all ugrad accounts with quotas. It's the first thing that runs when you log in (or, shall we say, try to log in).

It currently checks your quota on login, and redirects you to the limited shell should you be over quota.

What is the limited shell?

The limited shell is a restricted shell that lets you move around in your directory and delete files until you have reduced your usage to below your quota. You can use du -sh at any time to check your usage. When you have deleted or compressed enough files to put you safely under your quota, simply exit the limited shell (using exit) to continue logging in normally.