Can't Log In?

Fall 2017 Changes

This past summer the CS department made a partial transition to using Brown Account usernames and passwords.  That change has caused a number of issues for our users, most often when logging in.  This page describes how to diagnose and fix these issues.

Can't Log In On Console

Log In Is Buggy

Screen flashes and goes back to Log In window with no error message? Log In works, but you get nothing more than a black or grey screen? Can't log out or opening some programs?

Can't Ssh In Remotely

Having trouble connecting to the CS department from home or the campus wireless network?

Can't Ssh Internally

Usually, you can ssh from machine to machine within the department, is there one you can't reach?

Does My Account Exist?

CS accounts spring into existence when students sign up for a CS class in Banner.  However, these accounts don't fully exist initially, and there can be a delay of up to a day before they do.  The following instructions are useful mostly for Tstaff and SPOCs.

Session Manager Issues

Session managers are the enviroments you log in to.  They provide icons, trays and graphical interfaces that most users expect when they log in.

Certain sessions require a bit of setup before being used (Xmonad). While others want you to choose an option the first time you log in (XFCE). The following instructions are useful mostly for Consultants, Tstaff and SPOCs.