The 34th IPP Symposium

Combinatorial Optimization - State of the Art and Future Trends

May 4, 2005



and Registration <DD>3rd Floor, CIT Building

<DT>9:15  Welcome <DD>Eli Upfal, CS Chairman <DD>Michael Black, IPP Co-Director

<DT>9:30  Computational Progress in Optimization <DD>Irv Lustig, ILOG Direct

<DT>10:20 BREAK

<DT>10:40  Combinatorial Optimization in Supply Chain Sourcing and Production Planning <DD>Andrew Davenport, IBM T.J.Watson Research Center

<DT>11:30  Reducing the Challenge of using an Optimizer for Planning in Supply Chain Management <DD>Heinrich Braun, SAP

<DT>12:30  BUFFET LUNCH (4th Floor)

<DT>2:00  Optimization in Sports Scheduling <DD>George Nemhauser, Georgia Tech

<DT>2:50  BREAK

<DT>3:10  Combinatorial Optimization Methods for Personnel Scheduling Problems <DD>Bernard Gendron, Université de Montréal

<DT>4:10  Applying Optimization in the Transportation Industry: <DD>Experiences from Carmen Systems and Some Personal Thoughts <DD>Stefan Karisch, Carmen Systems

<DT>5:00  Closing Remarks and Reception (3rd Floor) </DL>