The 32nd IPP Symposium

Trusted Computing Group: Goals, Achievements, and Controversies

March 25, 2004

Schedule and Brochure (pdf format)


and Registration <DD>4th Floor, CIT Building

<DT>9:00  Introduction <DD>Eli Upfal, CS Chairman <DD>John Savage, IPP Co-Director <DD>Michael Black, IPP Co-Director

<DT>9:15  Exploiting a Trusted Platform Framework for Safe Appliance Based Computing <DD>Joe Pato, Hewlett-Packard Labs

<DT>10:00  Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) <DD>Brian LaMacchia, Microsoft

<DT>10:45 BREAK

<DT>11:00  Cryptographic Functionality of the Trusted Platform Module 1.2 <DD>Ernie Brickell, Intel


<DT>1:30  Achieving Privacy in Remote Authentication <DD>Jan Camenisch, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

<DT>2:15  Trusted Computing: Academia Meets Industry <DD>Anna Lysyanskaya, Brown University

<DT>3:00  BREAK

<DT>3:30 DISCUSSION PANEL <DD>With: <DD>Simson Garfinkel, MIT
<DD>John Jannotti, Brown University
<DD>Brian LaMacchia, Microsoft
<DD>Seth Schoen, EFF <DD>others in the audience are welcome to join the discussion

<DT>5:00  RECEPTION (5th Floor) </DL>