The 31st IPP Symposium

Mobile and Pervasive Computing: Middleware and Technologies

May 6, 2003


and Registration <DD>4th Floor, CIT Building

<DT>9:00  Introduction <DD>Eli Upfal, CS Chairman <DD>Michael Black, IPP Director

<DT>9:20  Overview of the day and Research at Brown <DD>Ugur Cetintemel, Host

<DT>9:45  Towards a Content and Load Adaptive Distributed Infrastructure of
<DD> Mobile/Pervasive Computing"
<DD>Archan Misra, IBM Watson

<DT>10:35 BREAK

<DT>10:50  IrisNet: Building Internet-Scale Sensor-Enriched Services <DD>Phillip Gibbons, Intel Research

<DT>11:40  Managed Utility Computing <DD>Aad van Moorsel, Hewlett-Packard Labs


<DT>2:00  Middleware Issues in Pervasive Computing <DD>Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems

<DT>2:50  Natural Broker (SM): Experience with a Wireless, Multimodel System for
<DD> Financial Information Access
<DD>Brad Hampson, Fidelity Investments

<DT>3:40  BREAK

<DT>4:00  The Pervasive Internet and Its Effect on Industrial Automation <DD>Hesh Kagan, Invensys/Foxboro


<DT>5:30  RECEPTION (5th Floor) </DL>