The 30th IPP Symposium

Symposium on Information & Knowledge Management

November 14, 2002

Schedule and Brochure (pdf format)


and Registration <DD>4th Floor, CIT Building

<DT>9:00  Introduction and Overview <DD>Eli Upfal, CS Chairman <DD>Michael Black, IPP Director <DD>Thomas Hofmann, Host

<DT>9:30  Practical Knowledge Representation for Efficient Information Access <DD>Bill Woods, Sun Microsystems

<DT>10:20 BREAK

<DT>10:40  The MERL SpokenQuery System <DD>Bhiksha Raj, Peter Wolf, MERL

<DT>11:30  Question Answering: Is More Always Better? <DD>Susan Dumais, Microsoft Research

<DT>12:20  BUFFET LUNCH and Posters

<DT>1:20  Turning the Web Into a Knowledge Base: Information Extraction with Finite-State Models <DD>Andrew McCallum, UMass, Amherst

<DT>2:10  Model-Based Retrieval of Multimodal Information and Biosurveillance <DD>Chung-Sheng Li and John R. Smith, IBM Watson

<DT>3:00  BREAK

<DT>3:20  Search the Speech, Browse the Video <DD>Alex Cozzi, IBM Almaden

<DT>4:10  Multimedia Indexing <DD>Pedro Moreno, Hewlett-Packard


<DT>5:30  RECEPTION (5th Floor) </DL>