The 29th IPP Symposium

Symposium on Computer and Network Security

April 25, 2002

Schedule and Brochure (pdf format)


and Registration <DD>4th Floor, CIT Building

<DT>9:00  Introductions and Overview <DD>Tom Dean, CS Chairman <DD>Michael Black, IPP Director <DD>Tom Doeppner, Host

<DT>9:30  The Cyber Security Revolution <DD>Joe Pato, Hewlett-Packard

<DT>10:30 BREAK

<DT>10:45  A System-Level Analysis of Biometric User Authentication <DD>Stephen Kent, BBN

<DT>11:45  Shibboleth--A New Model for Controlling Access to Web-Based Resources <DD>Steven Carmody, Brown CIS


<DT>1:30  How to Build an Insecure System out of Perfectly Good Cryptography <DD>Radia Perlman, Sun Microsystems

<DT>2:30  System Security Methodology: Protecting Your ASSets <DD>Christopher Spirito, EMC

<DT>3:00  BREAK

<DT>3:15  Distributed Data Authentication <DD>Roberto Tamassia, Brown CS

<DT>4:15  Lottery Enterprise Open Systems Initiative at GTECH <DD>Miroslaw Kula, Didier Vereque, GTECH


<DT>5:30  RECEPTION (5th Floor) </DL>