The 26th IPP Symposium

Web Technologies

November 2, 2000

Schedule and Brochure (pdf format)


and Registration <DD>4th Floor, CIT Building

<DT>9:15  Introductions and Overview <DD>Tom Dean, CS Chairman <DD>John Savage, IPP Director <DD>Eli Upfal, Host

<DT>9:30  Networks and Sub-Networks in the World-Wide Web <DD>Prabhakar Raghavan, Verity Inc.

<DT>10:30  BREAK

<DT>10:45  Some Problems Relating to Content Distribution <DD>Tom Leighton, Akamai Technologies

<DT>11:45  Web Collaboration <DD>Ted Tracy, Latitude Communications


<DT>1:30  The Brazil Project: A Future Vision of the Web, and Some tools to Get There <DD>Stephen Uhler, Sun Microsystems

<DT>2:30  Digital Rights Management in the Era of Napster <DD>Olin Sibert, InterTrust Technologies

<DT>3:30  BREAK

<DT>3:45  Trends in Search Technology <DD>Andrei Broder, Alta Vista

<DT>4:45  PANEL DISCUSSION <DT>5:30  RECEPTION (5th Floor) </DL>